Math Primer Added to ‘Real Estate as a Professional Career’

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Frustrated by number crunching? Students currently studying for the Real Estate as a Professional Career exam will discover a helpful new Math Primerincluded in their Passit Guide.

We created the Math Primer to assist students struggling with math fundamentals such as fractions, decimals and percentages. This new segment includes an explanatory document and 50 extra MCQs for practice. While these questions are not required for the exam, they are perfect to practice and apply your understanding of math in relation to the concepts within the course.

There is nothing you need to do to receive this new segment. The Math Primer has been automatically added to the main menu of all active and new guides for Real Estate as a Professional Career.

We wish you all the best in your studies. Thank you for your continued support of PassIt Online Study Guides.

Math Primer Preview

Math Primer Preview


More MCQs for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading

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We’ve got exciting news! Our content team has been hard at work developing more questions for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading to ensure you have lots of practice opportunities and a greater variety of challenging, informative questions.

These new MCQs have been automatically added to all active and new guides for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading. The guide now includes an impressive 650 multiple choice questions to get you in tip-top shape for your exam. There is nothing you need to do the next time you study. The 150 MCQs will automatically be added to the mix (and given priority over questions you’ve already answered). We’ve focused specifically on areas that cause students the most difficulty in this course. More than 40% of the new MCQs test knowledge on direct comparison, cost and income approaches to value, and representation/agency relationships.

We wish you all the best in your studies. Thank you for your continued support of PassIt Online Study Guides.

Principles of Appraisal – Available Now!

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The Passit Team is proud to announce the next study guide in the Passit series: Principles of Appraisal. This guide includes all of your favourites: 500+ MCQs, 300+ Rapid Recalls, challenging crossword puzzles and the Exam Simulator—a practice exam with 50 retired MCQs from OREA’s database. Appraisal math is an essential part of the course. That’s why we made certain that more than 40% of our MCQs focus on appraisal calculations for direct comparison, cost and income approaches. We’ve also added Appraisal Pointers—helpful study tips and exam-day strategies specifically for Principles of Appraisal students.

This new guide is now available for purchase. We hope that you find our latest study guide beneficial for your studying and exam preparation.

Thank you for your continued support of PassIt Online Study Guides.

Was That a Push or a Pull?

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Eliminate confusion about these online marketing techniques when studying for the OREA exam.

A multiple choice question in the Passit Online Study Guide for Real Estate as a Professional Career (Course 1) has a high failure rate on the first attempt. It’s a straightforward concept discussed in the course text, but it seems to be causing some problems. Here’s two summary points to help:

  • An Internet site offers products and services to potential customers. Savvy designers want to include attractive features that PULL customers to that site.
  • E-mail strategies rely on getting messages out to potential customers. As such, they PUSH information into the market.

Right now, you are focused on course materials and upcoming OREA exams. However, once registered as a salesperson, your attention will quickly shift to marketing, websites and e-mail strategies. Fortunately, sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) real estate software awaits your arrival. For salespersons, lead generation and client/customer contact software will be a part of your expanding sphere of influence. Get prepared . . . technology is a significant part of any unfolding real estate career.

Real Property Law – Available November 30th, 2011

•October 21, 2011 • 2 Comments

We have received numerous emails from users regarding a launch date for Real Property Law. A tremendous amount of work goes into the creation of each guide and our team is busy putting the final touches on this next study guide in the PassIt series. We’re pleased to announce that Real Property Law will be available for purchase Wednesday, November 30th, 2011. We’re looking forward to a successful launch and hope that you find our latest guide beneficial with your studying and exam preparation!

Thank you for your continued support of PassIt Online Study Guides.

What does RCI have to do with VCRs? Find Out Why It’s Important for the OREA Exam

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It goes without saying that every mark on an OREA examination is important. Seventy-three or seventy-four marks on the exam is so close, and yet so far away. It’s one thing to miss marks, because you forgot or didn’t know; but quite another if you hastily answered without reading answer options c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. As an example, one PassIt MCQ that causes a lot of difficulty involves the RCI process. This innocent-looking question, focused on RECO’s RCI process, has a high failure rate. Many pick what appears to be an obvious choice, which states that RCI stands for Registrant Complaints and Investigations. While this sounds really official, it’s wrong. RCI stands for Registrar Complaints and Inquiries.

It’s all about reading and rushing, instead of concentrating. Reading comprehension is everything when it comes to exams. We’ll call it thinking reading. For many, thinking reading is not aggressively practised in real life. We all have the ability, but often don’t develop this particular skill. Adults avoid brain overload by skimming newspapers, flipping TV channels, and blocking out all but the essentials. Whether it’s a cell phone or hi-tech features on a car, we cut to the chase. Let’s use it and learn about it later. There’s even a marketing phrase for hard-to-learn, feature-rich technology products. It’s called feature cram. Feature cram lengthens the learning curve. (Translation: It’s harder to quickly understand something.). Today’s humans cope by sidestepping the instruction book and getting on with their lives. As a matter of pure self defence, we settle for the absolute essentials: Just give me the facts. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the details in this exploding information society. Think about it. We didn’t even have enough time to carefully read and understand the VCR instruction manual before the machine was obsolete.

But studying for exams is different. As the old saying goes: The devil lies in the details. Now let’s go back to Registrant Complaints and Investigations. While the acronym RCI involves complaints about registrants, the program is overseen by the Registrar, not the registrants; hence the R in RCI. The second word Complaints is correct for C. Lastly, the word Investigations is not correct, as investigations lie beyond the RCI process. RECO even puts investigations and inspections under a separate topic in the course just to make that point very clear. The correct word is Inquiries. A fundamental part of the RCI process is inquiring about written complaints to determine whether or not action is warranted.

What you learn today will help you for years to come. Don’t treat it like the VCR. Start finessing your thinking reading skills today.

New Feature: OREA Practice Exams

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MORE GOODIES for PassIt users . . . OREA is providing us with a retired examination for each pre-registration course. We are including these (as they are made available to us) as a bonus feature within our study guides.

We’ve been busy developing an Exam Simulator that provides immediate results feedback, answer rationales and course page references upon exam completion. All practice exam questions are unique and in addition to the PassIt MCQs. The Exam Simulator is automatically loaded upon login.

Exam Simulator Now Available for:
Real Estate as a Professional Career
Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading
The Residential Real Estate Transaction (which includes testing on The Real Estate Transaction – General)
The Commercial Real Estate Transaction (which includes testing on The Real Estate Transaction – General)

Pick up the pace and sprint to the finish!
Purchase details available at

New Exam Simulator PassIt Menu

New Exam Simulator PassIt Menu


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